Tips For Mobile And Internet Child Safety:

This is the digital world. Where the entire household are full of technologies and this digital life is no wonder for the new generation. This is the world where parents don’t have as much information as teenagers or kids have. Here we will discuss few tips for mobile and internet child safety.

Children now spend more and more time with the technology and internet via computers, PCs and smart phones. In a research, it came to across that the children between the 8 to 18 years are using mobiles and internet from 6 to 9 hours in a day. It’s a dangerous and frightening result.

Now parents have to be more concerned about their child safety while using internet. These questions come in the mind of the parents that what they should do the make the mobiles and internet safe for their children. There are few tips to make the internet safe for the children which we will discuss in this article.

Awareness of Parents from the Technology:

Whatever technology parents are going to provide their children they should well aware of those. A survey told that 1/3 parents let their child alone while surfing and exploring the internet, half of the remaining said that they even didn’t know if their child has social accounts or not. It’s important to monitor the kids physically using cell phone spy and maintain open discussion regarding safety and rules for using technologies.k2

Be Aware of Children Activities:

For parents it is possible to disable few websites and links on the browsers. But now children even know how to download the new browsers and unblock the blocked websites and links. Only way is to inform your child the dangers of the blocked links and websites.

Media-sharing by phone.

Almost all the smart Phones now have cameras and even video cams. Our teens loved to capture each and every moment of their life and then sharing on social media. Talk and explain your children to never allow anyone to capture and share on social media the in inappropriate situations of yours because it’s the privacy rights of every one whether they want to capture or share themselves on social circles.

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Smart phones:

We have a lot of smart phones in the home. These smart phones have 3_G features which allowed all the web access on the phone same as the PCs. That means we can get easily access on all the websites whether those are appropriate or not. Sometimes we cannot restrict those on the mobiles. So the easy way is while handing over the smart phones to the kids turn off the web access or keep the parent lock while handing over them.

Social mapping:

In all smart phones have GPS technology installed. Talk with your children that use this technology with your family, friends or only the person whom you know only in order to keep them save. So as your child grow up, more and more monitoring required from you.

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Brooke writes for TheOneSpy blog. She fills in with latest technology tips, tricks and very much enthusiastic to entail digital parenting. Install best phone spy software in order to monitor teens and children mobile phone social media activities.