Share Your Best Moments with the World

There was a time when we used to share our experiences through photographs of the places we have visited to or by narrating the incidents or the experiences in a story like manner to the others. But now we live in an era of smartphones and smart apps that not only make our daily life simpler but also interesting as well. So if you can find a story in your daily life then the Storries is the app for you, you can check their website at It is an app available on the apple store and can be downloaded on your iPad or iPhone for free.

How can this app help you?

This unique app allows you to share your story with your friend and even the world in a unique way. If you are going on a vacation and you want to share the experiences at every place that you will visit then the Storries app can come to a great use. You can take pictures, videos, record voice comments and then arrange it on the map in different steps. Your entire trip would be covered in one simple yet beautiful presentation. You can share it on the Facebook or any other social networking sites directly from your device so that your friends can enjoy your experiences as well.

Build your story

Not only traveling experiences but you can build your story on just about anything. Be it about a friend’s wedding, or a small get together party or anything that you wish to cherish and share. It really feels amazing when you play it at the end. It takes you back to times when these images and videos have been taken. These little presentations can be stored away to be able to go through them over and over and revive the sweet memories. This app is also very simple to use.

Also, it can work fine without internet connection as well. The file can be shared on your social networking page easily with just a few clicks. There isn’t much that you are required to do on the app except for capturing the right moments and adding voice comments where required. The rest of the work is done by the app itself. What you get at the end is a well designed and movie-like presentation that is impressive enough to be shared with the world. There can be no better way of sharing your experiences than with the help of the Stories App.