10 Myths of Search Engine Optimization in Toronto You Should Leave Behind

In the past few years many misconceptions have emerged on how search engines work. This creates lot of confusion for the businesses who want to promote their businesses online with the help of search engine optimization in Toronto. Here, we will discuss about some of the popular myths and the real story behind them.

  1. SEO is dead

This is the biggest myth that many business owners are having nowadays. In fact, consistent investment in google adwords management in Toronto for business success is going to give you results that you are striving for.

  1. Goggle will automatically figure out

Google is smart, but not magic. Many website owners make lots of websites and keep praying that google will automatically figure out. As a matter of fact, the site which has few web pages can be reached by millions simply with the help of search engine optimization in Toronto. One of the important aspects is that the pages should have unique and valuable content.

  1. We did search engine optimization once

Many websites even get organic traffic and as soon as they get, they drop the efforts needed to maintain it. Reaching on the top of the search engine result page is not enough. You have to maintain your position out there.

  1. Link building is dead

When John Mueller stated that he would avoid link building, many people came to the conclusion that link building is dead now. Some even said that if this was done, Google would penalize them for that. In fact, legitimate search engine optimization company in Toronto along with white hat link building is still legitimate and a time-tested marketing practice online.

  1. Magic keyword leads to number one ranking

There is no magic keyword in reality. Sometimes you get good traffic from a general keyword and sometimes you get from trail of specific ones. It depends on the kind of business you are running and your keyword research. Even if you are not on the topmost position, it gives you good traffic if right keyword gets matched.

  1. Google does not like SEO

On the contrary, Google itself states that search engine optimization strategy in Toronto can potentially improve your site and save time as well. It only hates manipulative SEO that tries to trick Google with false popularity.

  1. SEO is a scam

This has been publicised because of the many fraud SEO providers who promise a lot but deliver nothing. This has been also because some people want quick and easy results and solutions which lead to these fraudulent to come forward.

  1. SEO means tricks

This is sadly propagated. In reality, real Toronto SEO makes every part of content organization and browsing experience better.

  1. PageRank

PageRank has been used for manipulative purposes mostly.

  1. Social activity has no effect on SEO

In reality, though Google and social media sites work differently, they both have effect on search engine optimization in Toronto. Successful social activity will put forward your content in front of the right users and all these will boost your SEO effects.